1. Listen Here

    Savage Garden The Animal Song | The Ark Gimme Love To Give | Eliza Doolittle Go Home | Marina and the Diamonds I Am Not A Robot | Nordman Ödet Är Ditt Verk | Owl City Vanilla Twilight | Pearl and the Beard Donny & Johnny | Regina Spektor One More Time With Feeling | Tegan and Sara Proud | Tori Amos Happy Phantom | Asian Kung Fu Generation Solanin | Mumford & Sons + Birdy Learn Me Right | First Aid Kit Emmylou | Eliza Doolittle Moneybox | Oren Lavie Her Morning Elegance | Sarah Slean New Pair of Eyes | Jason Mraz Life is Wonderful

    I made myself feel better by composing a personal music mix of songs that mean a lot to me.


  2. sometimes I kinda forget to tell people how I’m feeling so here it is

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  3. does anyone wanna be my kitchen sugar daddy and buy me ice cream molds

  4. bluuuu marker

  5. Egil is a god of swords and also a single dad. Baby Eira will grow up to be a goddess of seals, just like her mommy.

    … important to note is that Egil is a god of making and fixing swords, not using them.

  7. I like to use a lot of color when I sketch and ink, so I figure I could share my scan editing process.

    my raw scan is 300dpi so in my case the somewhat jaggedy lineart after the levels step is fine when zoomed out. adjust according to what pleases you.

    this is faster overall to do if the lineart is black, to be honest, but I wanted to show that you don’t need to limit youself. I love my color fineliners.

  8. marian, you’re to cool even when you’re just facing the left

  9. I was just going to see if he looked nice with a beard on. I need to lay off the Photoshop.

  10. it’s still valentines in some parts of the world so it’s okay.

    this was actually a really fun experiment but i don’t think i will be coloring with a mouse again anytime soon. it takes too long and it’s really not good for my wrist. i feel like i gained a lot of xp though.