1. bluuuu marker

  2. Egil is a god of swords and also a single dad. Baby Eira will grow up to be a goddess of seals, just like her mommy.

    … important to note is that Egil is a god of making and fixing swords, not using them.

  4. I like to use a lot of color when I sketch and ink, so I figure I could share my scan editing process.

    my raw scan is 300dpi so in my case the somewhat jaggedy lineart after the levels step is fine when zoomed out. adjust according to what pleases you.

    this is faster overall to do if the lineart is black, to be honest, but I wanted to show that you don’t need to limit youself. I love my color fineliners.

  5. marian, you’re to cool even when you’re just facing the left

  6. diffusus I hope this is what you meant because I’m not redrawing

    to the one who suggested tim burton style: I tried, but it doesn’t really work with the shape of my body. jojo was difficult enough 8I

    lulu: dragon age doesn’t have a like.. distinctive style unless you go by aesthetics, such as the horrible mage hats.

    i forgot to write “THE MAMA” under my clow card. oops.

    edit: accidentally whited out anthea’s name without noticing… uh, sorry.

  7. landofthebold:

    suddenly realizing I know nothing about underwear so uh

    here’s some people in underwear.


  8. landofthebold:

    PLENTY! for example,

    1. Mountain cat, or moon cat. Fairly common predator in the mountainous and highland areas of Akylas.
    2. silk tails, or silkies. during a period of time in Numidan history it was against the law to harm any bird. so Numidan farmers started breeding cats (and hawks) to get around that law and control the amount of birds that ate all their crops. (totally not based on caracals)

    there’s also smaller housecats, but they’re not very common in Numida.

    guppy asks the important questions pt 1

  9. landofthebold:

    The Akila people shaped the world of Akylas. They made the mountain ranges, the lakes and rivers, the forests, plains, and valleys. They encouraged the growth of the first forms of life besides themselves, before retreating to their homes deep underground. Why exactly they keep to themselves is not known, but most scholars agree that they must be tending to the wellbeing of the world and shouldn’t be disturbed.

    How many they are has never been known, though there are records of at least fifty Akilas showing up at different times in history, only to disappear quickly after. They have surfaced a number of times during the history of humankind to teach them how to read and write, how to farm the lands, how to work metal, and the fundamentals of medicine.

    Most recently, a lone Akila came to Numida 700 years ago during the thirty-year plague, showing the Numidans (who were struck the hardest by the disease) how to treat it.

    Across Akylas, most people see the Akila not as gods but as teachers and guides of unfathomable wisdom, and many beautiful monuments have been erected in their honor. All Akilas that have ever been seen have had red hair, and it is said that ginger hair means you have Akila blood in your family from ancient times.

    star stock x

    here’s some lore

  10. let’s try this again cause tumblr’s being weird. character sketches since november thereabouts.